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LIN Yuming

Mr. LIN Yuming is Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Chairman of Harmonicare Medical Holding Co., Ltd.. Mr. LIN has been engaged in development of Chinese medical career, who started trading of medical apparatus and instruments in 1996 and opened his first hospital in 2003. Mr. LIN is first person to create the Chinese brand chain hospital mode, and has opened 14 high and medium-end women and children's hospitals in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Fuzhou and other places by now. “Harmonicare”, the high-end health brand of women and children founded by him has become the leading brand in Chinese high-end medical industry.

  • FANG Zhifeng

    Mr. FANG Zhifeng is Director and Vice-President of Harmonicare Medical Holding Co., Ltd., and currently is responsible for the Project Development Center. Mr. FANG graduated from Fujian Medical University with a major of Clinical Medicine Science and graduated from Fujian Normal University with a major of Law successively. He owns the qualification of practicing medicine, has seven years of clinical experience in internal medicine, and is familiar with Chinese doctors and hospital management. Mr. FANG used to work for Putian Municipal Food and Drug Administration, and he has relatively in-depth insight in health care reform and a variety of regulations of medical industry of China. Mr. FANG joined in the Company in 2005 and once worked as General Manager of Wuhan Modern Women Hospital. 

  • LI Wenfeng

    Mr. CHEN Longzhen is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Harmonicare Medical Holding Co., Ltd.. Mr. CHEN joined in the Company in 2010, who owns qualification of senior accountant and has over 35 years of experience in financial work. Mr. CHEN once worked as Chief Financial Officer of listed companies including Shandong Juli Co., Ltd. and China Resources Jinhua Co., Ltd.. Mr. CHEN owns rich experience and resources in internal control management of enterprises, financial operation of listed companies and investment and financing of enterprises. 

  • CHEN Wei

    Mr. CHEN Wei is Vice-President of Harmonicare Medical Holding Co., Ltd., and currently is responsible for legal business and international business of the Group. Mr. CHEN obtained his Master’s Degree on Management from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and is one certified public accountant (CPA) of China. He owns over ten years of experiences in investment banks and once worked as Managing Director of Investment Banking Department of Guosen Securities Co., Ltd.. As one sponsor representative registered in China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), Mr. CHEN has successfully completed IPO of enterprises, refinancing of listed companies, as well as merger and acquisition of listed companies. Besides, Mr. CHEN is familiar with domestic and overseas capital market and laws and regulations.

  • REN Jinhui

    Mr. REN Jinhui is Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Harmonicare Medical Holding Co., Ltd., and currently is responsible for finance affairs of the Group. Mr. REN owns certified tax accountant and certified public accountant qualification, as well as rich audit and financial management experience for listed companies and central enterprises, especially, he is familiar with IPO operation procedures and is good at solving a variety of actual problems during listing. Mr. REM joined in the Company in 2007 and once worked as Audit Director, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant to the Board Chairman of the Company. At present, Mr. REN is studying the EMBA of Renmin University of China.