The “100 Expectant Mothers Natural Birth Program” sponsored by China Maternal and Infant Health Promotion Campaign Started

Author: Date:2013-09-23 00:00:00

On Aug. 25, the launching ceremony to “Reduce Man-made Interruption and Return to Nature-Beijing Harmonicare·SCL 100 Expectant Mothers Natural Birth Program” was held in the National Convention Centre in Beijing. The program is sponsored by Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital's Hospital under the support of the Health Bureau of Beijing Chaoyang District. It is a large public-service medical activity aimed to “advocate natural birth and enhance the quality of infant birth”. Zhang Rui, Deputy Director of the Health Bureau of Beijing Chaoyang District, star mother Zhu Yuanyuan and Pan Yang, Lin Yuming, Chairman of Harmonicare Medical Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Vice Presidents Li Wenfeng and Zhao Xingli and other leaders of the local government bureaus and the company attended the activity. Beijing TV, Sohu, IQiyi and about 100 media reported the ceremony.


100 Natural Birth Samples Released to Guide Sound Infant Rearing

At the ceremony, Prof. Zhai Guirong, the Medical President of the Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital's Hospital introduced the details of the large public-service program. He said, the program would last for 7 months and would focus on 300 mothers-to-be applying for natural birth throughout their pregnancy to monitor their health conditions and provide optimal nutrition suggestion and medical consultation so as to avoid giant babies or other possibilities that may influence the natural birth. The program will also select 105 of them as samples to summarize and analyze their natural birth experience to provide scientific basis for natural birth guidance and advocate natural delivery, enhance the risk awareness of the high cesarean section rate in the society and further promote sound infant rearing.

Harmonicare Leads Public Service by Providing Free Service

At the ceremony, the sponsor said, the hospital has established professional medical group to provide natural birth guidance for the 300 candidate mothers-to-be participating in the program throughout their pregnancy, such as pregnancy nutrition management, pregnancy psychological guidance, adjustment of position of the fetus, etc. to help them with natural delivery. The program also gives rewards to mothers with the naturally-delivered baby weighing approximately 3300 g (standard weight). The top 8 candidates would be awarded antenatal care and free delivery. Those passing the preliminary selection and excellent delivery could be awarded relevant natural delivery fund and gift packs.

Group together social power to assist natural delivery

The program is widely supported by all social groups and individuals that support, advocate and encourage natural birth. At the ceremony, Zhang Rui, Director of the Health Bureau of Beijing Chaoyang District spoke highly of the social significance of the activity and encouraged people from all walks of life to support natural birth to enhance the quality of population of the Chinese nation. The star actress Zhu Yuanyuan and Pan Yang also attended the ceremony. As the public figures, they hope that more people could join the team of natural birth and as the kid’s mother successfully giving birth, they also share their experience with all the audience and encourage more mothers-to-be to take natural delivery. Meanwhile, some maternal and baby product manufacturers also actively respond to the activity in support of natural delivery. They pledged to provide free products for some pregnant mothers during the activity. We believe that the grouping of all strengths from all walks of life could help to promote the smoothly processing of the Program and attract the attention of more people to natural delivery and support the natural delivery.

The latest development of the activity will be released continuously. Please pay close attention

The launching ceremony of the program is only the beginning of the activity. Later on, Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital will release outstanding samples each month. At the end of the activity, the sponsor will figure out the rate of natural delivery under professional guidance and statistical analysis will be conducted on the selected 105 pregnant mothers to provide them scientific pregnancy solutions for natural delivery and guidance reference for more pregnant mothers expecting natural delivery. The sample summary and release conference will be held during the activity. Please pay attention to natural birth and those who support natural birth and expect natural birth please watch on our activity. 

Natural birth is not merely the persistence a certain pregnant and lying-in woman or the choice of a family but needs the support and encouragement of the whole society. Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital's Hospital resolutely shoulders its social responsibility and has launched the Hundred Mothers-to-be Natural Birth Program, which is of great significance. May more people participate in such activity of public interest and make natural birth the mainstream way of delivery in our country to reduce the increasing cesarean rate and enhance the overall quality of the population in our country.