Lin Yuming: Harmonicare Medical actively promotes the development of maternal an

Author: Date:2014-08-23 00:00:00

The Inauguration Ceremony of The China Maternal and Infant Health Promotion Campaign Achievement Report and Maternal and Infant Health Class in Grassroots was held in Beijing on Aug. 21, 2014. Lin Yuming, Chairman of Harmonicare Medical Management Consulting Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony and made an address.  


Abstract of the address 

Since Aug. 2012, when the Harmonicare Medical Management Consulting Co., Ltd. joined hands with the China Research Society of Family Culture and the Women of China Media to launch the China Maternal and Infant Health Promotion Campaign under the support and guidance of the  China’s Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation, the Publicity Department of the All-China Women's Federation, China Foundation for the Promotion of Health, we have adhered to the purpose of the Campaign and have organized and carried out a large number of fruitful activities and programs in line with the Campaign plan, which were well received in the public and also highly appreciated by leaders. Here, please allow me to give a short briefing on the Campaign:  

1.Inauguration ceremony of China Maternal and Infant Health Promotion Campaign 

On Jul. 10, 2013, the Inauguration ceremony of China Maternal and Infant Health Promotion Campaign was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Gu Xiulian, vice chairwoman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress and Director of China’s Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation attended the ceremony and made an important speech to support and encourage our Campaign. The achievements of the Campaign in trial stage were also summarized at the ceremony, including the opening of the official website of the Promotion Campaign and the release of the Happy Mother-to-be APP for mobile phones. 

2.100 Expectant Mothers Natural Deliver Program” 

In order to address problems such as the high cesarean section rate as revealed in the Investigation Report on Maternal and Infant Health Promotion Campaig and improve the birth rate of naturally-delivered infants in our country, the organizing committee joined hands with the Women and Infant Health Special Fund Committee of China Foundation for the Promotion of Health to launch the 100 Expectant Mothers Natural Deliver Program last September in Beijing, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Weihai and Harbin. Under the support and coordination of local women’s federation, department of health, medical establishments and communities, the Campaign has handed out over 50,000 copies of brochures to the society. More than 4,000 pregnant mothers participated in the program and over 500 gave birth naturally and won the sustentation fund. 

3. Happy Pregnant Mother-to-be Mobile App to serve Pregnant mothers 

Following the development trend of the internet and taking advantage of the promptness and convenience of new media and involving more mothers-to-be and new mothers, provide one-to-one and point-to-point promptness knowledge service, the happy pregnant mother mobile app was formally launched in Jul. 2013. By May 31, 2014, the app has provided service for over 50,000 pregnant mothers and answers the consultation of over 200,000 consultants, including more than 8,000 by well-known specialists and doctors. 

4. Hold Maternal and Infant Health Class and Open Consultation Hotline 

Since the beginning of 2013, we have presented knowledge lectures on maternal and infant health in Chongqing, Guiyang, Taiyuan, Xi’an and other 19 regions. We also open maternal and infant health hotline to publicize knowledge of sound infant rearing and improve the level of maternal and infants. By Jun. 2014, we have organized over 1,800 maternal and infant health classes with the attendance of over 90,000 people and answering the 28,780 pieces of consultation and more than 23,000 questions on maternal and infant health. Through the activity, we have widely spread and promote the expansion the China Maternal and Infant Health Promotion Campaign and have achieved staged progress. 

5. Launch Maternal and Infant Health Status Survey

In order to better understand what those pregnant mothers-to-be and those in infant-bearing period think about maternal and infant health and their expectation on maternal and infant health so as to carry out activity more targeted, we carried out Maternal and Infant Health Status Survey in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Guiyang, Chongqing and other 13 small and medium-sized cities and released the Report on the Maternal and Infant Health Status Survey. The report aroused great concerned of the society and received written instructions from Liu Yandong, vice-premier of China's State Council and Director of Office of the National Working Committee for Infant and Women under the State Council. 

As the largest women and infant chain medical institute in China, we are committed to providing high-quality medical technology and service for women and infant. We have been vigorously publicizing women and infant health knowledge and improve their health. China maternal and infant health promotion Campaign is a national activity for public interest. We will try to do it better and sincerely hope that more medical establishments and caring people could join and support us to promote the development of the maternal and infant health industry together.