Guiyang Harmonicare Maternity Hospital

Author: Date:2015-04-09 11:06:53


Founded and Invested by Harmonicare Medical Group, Guiyang Harmonicare Maternity Hospital is a grade-2 maternity hospital established with the approval of Guiyang Hygiene Bureau on December 30, 2008, and it is also currently the largest modern maternity hospital with advanced equipment and first-class services in Guizhou. 

The Hospital has internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, family planning, reproductive health and infertility, women's health, pediatrics, anesthesiology, medical laboratory, pathology, medical imaging, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, medical cosmetology: cosmetology surgery and emergency medicine departments. There are a total of 100 beds in the patient rooms and a construction area of 12000 square meters.

Renovated and designed in strict accordance with internationally accepted standards, Guiyang Harmonicare Maternity Hospital builds a 100-class laminar flow clean operating room in line with US Federal Standard 209E, and is equipped with more than 200 sophisticated medical equipment, such as German STORZ hysteroscopy, laparoscopy system, US GE V730four-dimensional ultrasound machine, US cook guide wire system, infrared breast scanner, X-ray mammography, Siemens C-arm X-ray machine, US true color electronic colposcopy and TCT.

The Hospital has 224 staff, including 120 health technicians, accounting for 53.57% of the total staff. The health technicians include 35 doctors (including 3 physician assistants), 11 medical technicians, and 56 nurses. A total of 102 staff own technical titles, including: 17 staff with senior grade professional title, accounting for 16.67%; 11 staff with medium grade professional title, accounting for 10.78%; and 74 staff with primary grade professional title, accounting for 72.55%. The clinical frontline medical mission is undertook by the leaders of a number of national and provincial key disciplines and a professional medical team is made of the young, the middle-aged and the old, providing a strong guarantee for the medical quality and medical safety of the Hospital. 

The Hospital pioneers the “one patient-one doctor-one clinic room” specialty clinics to fully protect the patient privacy, and specifically carries out “one-stop”, “appointment” and other diagnostic services to bring the convenience and warmth to patients while making a positive contribution to the health of the majority of female friends through the friendly, warm doctor-patient communication eliminating the patient's concerns. 

Obstetrics is the Hospital’s flagship boutique department and advocates the maternity specification under a high-end perspective.

"Perfect life, maternity home" is the core theory of the Hospital’s obstetrics birth concept. Relying on the advanced technology of modern obstetrics and gynecology, with the model of home-based maternity services, it not only provides pregnant mothers with perfect prenatal care, but also provides mothers with family-oriented, private-oriented production services, as well as human-friendly and convenient postpartum rehabilitation services. It not only brings mothers a perfect production enjoyment, but also makes the pregnancy and childbirth become the most perfect life journey of the mothers. It is the advanced birth concept that makes the Hospital have always occupied the high-end maternity professional market of Guizhou Province and have become the leader in private hospitals of Guizhou Province.

The Hospital practices the president responsibility system under the leadership of general manager. Under the joint efforts of the staff, the Hospital is recognized by the industry peers and the society, and wins the honorable titles such as “2009 Reliable Hospital to People”, “Guizhou Top10 Private Hospitals”, “Guiyang Private Hospital of Integrity” and “Best Public Welfare Contribution Award”.

Adhering to the “scientific development-oriented, humanistic care-based” principal, the Hospital constantly develops towards the goal and vision of “build the first brand of private hospital obstetrics and gynecology in China”, and provides the high-quality and efficient health services for the female of Guizhou.