Fuling Harmonicare Maternity Hospital

Author: Date:2015-04-09 11:05:04


Established in June 2009, Fuling Harmonicare Maternity Hospital is the first private maternity hospital in Fuling. As the professional modern maternity hospital initiating the "Pink Revolution" in Fuling medical industry, the Hospital depends on the “Harmonicare” chain brand of Harmonicare Medical Group, and sets modern female-oriented gynecology, obstetrics, internal medicine, surgery, traditional Chinese medicine and other departments. It is a modern maternity hospital integrating medical treatment, prevention, health care and counseling.

The Hospital covers a construction area of 7,500 square meters, has 2 operating rooms, 6 treatment rooms, 38 patient rooms and 80 patient beds, and is equipped with 4 US four-dimensional ultrasound machines, 1 set of breast sampling system and 3 Germany hysteroscopy and laparoscopy systems. 

In the last five years since its establishment, Fuling Harmonicare Maternity Hospital has always been adhering to the “one patient-one doctor-one clinic room”, “one-stop medical treatment” and other excellent services, thus it receives favorable comments of the majority of patients. The Hospital upholds the responsibility of comprehensively enhancing the life quality and health level of modern female, and the principal of “taking medical quality as the basis, medical safety as the prerequisite, high-end technology as the driver, human-friendly service as the feature, innovative operation as the pilot and brand operation as the center”, to be committed to female's health care and provide female friends with warm, comfortable, safe, high-quality medical services, which has received high praise from the authorities and Chongqing Fuling people. 

The Hospital not only has honorable titles and awards, such as “Collaboration Hospital, Capital Medical University”, “National Top100 Specialized Hospitals” and “Masses Satisfaction Window” issued by Chongqing Fuling Hygiene Bureau, but also the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the P.R.C (SATCM) Infertility Clinic Foundation and Chongqing Fuling Gifted Education Technical Guidance Center.