Wanzhou Harmonicare Maternity Hospital

Author: Date:2015-04-09 11:03:09


Founded in May 2009, Wanzhou Harmonicare Maternity Hospital is the first maternity hospital introducing an international clinic model in Wanzhou. As the professional modern maternity hospital initiating the "Pink Revolution" in Wanzhou medical industry, the Hospital depends on the “Harmonicare” chain brand of Harmonicare Medical Group, and sets modern female-oriented infertility, gynecology, obstetrics, oncology, breast Surgery, traditional Chinese medicine and other feature departments. It is a modern maternity hospital integrating medical treatment, prevention and health care.

The Hospital covers a construction area of 5,000 square meters, has 3 operating rooms, 15 patient rooms and 32 operating patient beds, and is equipped with GE 730 color Doppler ultrasound system, Storz hysteroscopy and laparoscopy system and outstanding 330 automatic biochemical analyzer and other advanced medical equipment. The Hospital also has an aviation-type liquid treatment area with four-star decoration standard, 300 degrees recreation hall, VIP patient room and garden-style lounge area, equipped with central air conditioning, 5A level intelligence office facilities and so on.

In the last six years since its establishment, Wanzhou Harmonicare Maternity Hospital has always been adhering to the “one patient-one doctor-one clinic room”, “one-stop medical treatment” and other excellent services, thus it receives favorable comments of the majority of patients. The Hospital upholds the principal of “taking medical quality as the basis, medical safety as the prerequisite, new special technology as the driver, human-friendly service as the aim and brand operation as the center”, to be committed to female's health care and provide female friends with warm, comfortable, safe, high-quality medical services, which has received high praise from the local government and people. 

The Hospital is the “Designated Medical Agency of Urban and Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance”, “Designated Unit for Medical Insurance for Urban and Rural Workers”,and“Designated Medical Agency of Maternity Insurance”.