Guiyang Modern Women Hospital

Author: Date:2015-04-09 10:46:44


Established in May 2007, funded by Harmonicare Medical Group, Guiyang Modern Women Hospital is an integrated modern gynecology specialized hospital of health care and medical treatment. The Hospital shares hundreds of national well-known medical experts with the Group and implements the effective human resources strategy, bringing together the leading obstetrics and gynecology experts of Guizhou.

The Hospital sets more than 10 clinical departments, such as minimally invasive center, infertility, endocrine • gynecology tumor, family planning, gynecology inflammation, breast disease, internal medicine, surgery, etc., and establishes a local health management club providing high-quality health physical examination services.

The Hospital adheres to the "patient-centered" concept of human-friendly services and implements the “one patient-one doctor-one clinic room” medical model, to fully protect the privacy of patients and provide patients with better quality and warmer clinic and rehabilitation environment. It is committed to female's health care and provides female friends with warm, comfortable, safe, high-quality medical services, which has been unanimously praised by the government authorities and Guizhou people.

The Hospital wins the honorable titles such as “National Industry Quality and Integrity Model Enterprise”, “National Quality and Integrity AAA-class Brand”, “Designated Medical Hospital by Guiyang Station of Chinese 8 Cities Women Health Survey”, “Reliable Brand Enterprise to National Consumers”, “Guizhou Top10 Features Private Hospitals” and “Guiyang Private Hospital of Integrity”.