Fuzhou Modern Women Hospital

Author: Date:2015-04-09 10:45:06


Fuzhou Modern Women Hospital started the construction in the first half of 2009, began the trial operation in December 2009 and officially opened on April 29, 2010. It is a national well-known chain maternity hospital consistent with the international management. Adhering to the JCI standards, it is committed to become a hotel-style and home-warm 3H hospital providing holistic care. 

The Hospital currently has 236 employees, including 106 medical professionals, 13 employees with senior grade professional title and 27 employees with medium grade professional title. Covering a construction area of 9,750 square meters, it sets 60 approved patient beds and a standard laminar flow operating room. It is equipped with US Olympus laparoscopy, US GE Expert Edition four-dimensional ultrasound machine, Japanese automatic biochemical analyzer and other advanced medical equipment. It has outpatient and inpatient departments, gynecology, obstetrics, family planning, internal medicine, surgery, integrative medicine, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, pathology, nutrition, B ultrasound room, traction room, minimally invasive room, physical treatment room, liquid treatment room and other clinical ancillary departments. It is a modern maternal and child health agency integrating scientific research, health care and clinic.

Due to its good reputation and image, the Hospital gains the trust of the people and the recognition of relevant government departments. Since 2011, the Hospital has been awarded “Medical Safety Award” by Harmonicare Headquarters for three successive years, while the obstetrics and gynecology inpatient department, operating room, anesthesiology, laboratory, treatment room, apartment for prenatal and postnatal care and other departments have been respectively awarded Fuzhou “Labor Day Pioneer Post” by Fuzhou Federation of Trade Unions. Jiang Lianqing, Head of Inpatient Department was awarded “2011 Fujian Female Worker Model” by Fujian Federation of Trade Unions; Dean was awarded “2013 Outstanding Dean” by the Group; and the Hospital was honorably awarded “2014 Outstanding Private Hospital” in the national outstanding private hospital content jointly organized by Health News and the Alliance of Chinese Private Hospital Development in 2014. 

Over the past 5 years since its founding, Fuzhou Modern Women Hospital has always been adhering to the “all customer-centric” principal, the medical quality and safety-based lifeline, the good faith and quality-based hospital construction, and the medical ethics-based hospital development culture, which fully cultivate the employees’ sprit of respecting and loving work, as well as loving public welfare. Since all employees give their tireless efforts to the healthy development of the Hospital, the Hospital gets the double harvest of social and economic benefits.