Wuhan Modern Women Hospital

Author: Date:2015-04-09 10:21:32


Founded in December 2005 and approved by Wuhan Hygiene Bureau, Wuhan Modern Women Hospital is a national brand chain flagship store directly affiliated with Harmonicare Medical Group. As a designated medical agency of Wuhan urban and rural medical insurance and a designated service agency of Wuhan maternity insurance, the Hospital sets a total of 13 grade-one clinic subjects including preventive health care, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology (gynecology specialty, obstetrics specialty, family planning, reproductive health and infertility), women's health, pediatrics, dermatology (skin disease), medical cosmetology, anesthesiology, medical laboratory, pathology, medical imaging (X-ray diagnosis specialty, ultrasound diagnostic specialty, ECG diagnosis specialty), and traditional Chinese medicine. It provides obstetrics and gynecology and related services for adult women in Hubei Province with high demand for medical services.

Located in Zhongshan Avenue in the gold ring of Hankou, the Hospital has a total floor area of 13,223 square meters, 3 laminar flow operating rooms and 4 outpatient operating rooms, 23 outpatient clinic rooms, a laboratory, a radiology, a pharmacy, a supply room, a pathology, a B ultrasound room, a ECG room, a fluid therapy hall and a treatment room. It sets 50 patient rooms and 100 patient beds. As of August 2014, it actually opens 67 patient beds. It is equipped with advanced medical equipment, such as Japan OLYMPUS Olympus hysteroscopy, laparoscopic surgery workstation; US GE two-dimensional and four-dimensional ultrasound machines; Japan TOSHIBA Toshiba automatic biochemical analyzer; Switzerland Roche automated chemistry light-emitting device; German Draeger anesthesia machine; US Lumenis IPL machine, central oxygen supply pipe and central air-conditioning system. As of August 2014, it has about 400 employees.

Since its founding, Wuhan Modern Women Hospital has always been adhering to the medical principal of “taking medical quality as the basis, medical safety as the premise and new special technology as the driver”, providing warm and professional medical services to meet the growing health and beauty needs of the female and let the patients enjoy high-quality and safe caring services at a reasonable price. It pioneers the "one-to-one private clinic", “hospital guide accompanying you in the whole process”, “warm evening clinic”, “obstetrics membership management”, “free health education classes” and other special services, which have been widely praised by customers! 

Over the past decade, Wuhan Modern Women Hospital has won the "National Top10 Gynecology Hospitals of Integrity", "National Top10 Infertility Treatment Agencies", “Infertility Clinic Foundation” and other tiles; and “Wuhan Harmonious Enterprise” awarded by Wuhan Municipal People's Government, “Wuhan Enterprises Of Observing Contract & Valuing Credit” awarded by Wuhan Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, “Advanced Grass-roots Party Branch” awarded by the Hospital Party Branch and other honors.