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Harmonicare Medical Intensifies Innovation and Targets at “Breastfeeding” Blue Ocean MarketHarmonicare Medical Intensifies Innovation and Targets at “Breastfeeding” Blue Ocean Market

Author: Date:2018-01-24 13:56:39

Recently Harmonicare Medical Group, Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University and Nantong Hemeijia Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital (hereinafter referred to as “Nantong Hemeijia”) achieved a strategic cooperation and planned to further promote the development of medical alliance cooperation mode by making their respective resources and advantages complementary to each other.  

Regarding the three-party cooperation, LIN Yuming, Chairman of the Board of Harmonicare Medical, pointed out to the journalist of the 21st Century Economic Report that this was to answer the call of the country for building of medical alliance. “The State Council has issued several policies, clearly expressed the importance in fully promoting the building of medical alliance and required to provide the first-rate and convenient medical services to the public by deepening the mechanism, reasonably allocating medical resources and promoting medical reform.”

It’s learnt that Harmonicare Medical Group, as China's well-known women& children medical chain group, has long been promoting the mode of breastfeeding. During the cooperation among the three parties, the nearly 20 hospitals subordinated to the Harmonicare Medical Group worked together to launch the “10m2 of Love” large public event of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and set up nearly 20 “10m2 of Mother Love” breastfeeding rooms across the country, providing convenient breastfeeding places for nursing mothers and offering them more support and respect.

CHEN Wei, Vice-President of Harmonicare Medical Group, also disclosed to the journalist of the 21st Century Economic Report that all the subsidiary hospitals of the Group would open the IBCLC breastfeeding clinics, supported and promoted the breastfeeding mode by launching the “10m2 of Love” large public event of the United Nations Children’s Fund and required IBCLC to provide professional trainings, guidance and services.

So far the maternal care system has been set up in China and many other countries across the world and the health organizations, doctors and nurses are required to provide courses and guidance for pregnant and lying-in women about breastfeeding, post-natal nutrition and many other aspects. The understaffing, limited capacity of basic medical organizations and traditional cultures result in the shortfall of guarantee for Chinese pregnant and lying-in women and also hinder mothers from insisting on breastfeeding. The lack of the breastfeeding rooms is also one of the important reasons. 

The monitoring data of the survey of nutrition and chronic diseases conducted by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that the exclusive breastfeeding accounts for only 20.8% in China. According to insiders, the data hasn’t been improved yet by far.

As shown by data of National Bureau of Statistics, after the two-child policy was implemented for one year, the newly-born population was 17,860,000 people in the whole year of 2016, i.e. 1,310,000 more than that of the previous year. According to the statistical data of National Health and Family Planning Commission, the live birth quantity in hospital was 18,460,000 in the whole year of 2016.

With the rise of birth rate, breastfeeding becomes extremely important. CHEN Wei expressed to the journalist of the 21st Century Economic Report, “Harmonicare Medical will publicize scientific breastfeeding to pregnant women and new mothers to ensure babies can get the first bite of milk as soon as possible and help mothers resolve the problems related to milk stasis and insufficient milk”.

“Now many 'Class III Grade A' hospitals have also set up breastfeeding clinics to help mothers resolve the various problems during the breastfeeding process. However, as a matter of fact, it is the lactation consultant to accompany the mothers and babies for quite a long time. The IBCLC breastfeeding clinics set up by Harmonicare Medical is an innovative extension of its existing business. It’s as a matter of fact also a very big market, having a promoting effect upon the operating revenue of Harmonicare Medical in future”, CHEN Wei explained.

It is learnt that some “prolactin divisions” and “lactation consultants” in the market help new mothers “dredge collateral for promoting lactation” and they may charge RMB 600 to 800 Yuan every time. The prolactin divisions are the practitioners who help new mothers resolve the problems related to no milk, insufficient milk and milk stasis by means of diet, massage and psychological methods and provide breastfeeding guidance.

The prolactin divisions might receive trainings from some organizations, but in the national dictionary of occupational titles, it is not regarded as a formal occupation. Some problems in specification and regulation still remain. CHEN Wei pointed out to the journalist of the 21st Century Economic Report that he hoped more prolactin divisions in the society could join Harmonicare Medical, take up their posts after receiving the formal trainings of Harmonicare Medical and IBCLC, provide services for more lying-in women and resolve the problems during breastfeeding.