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Harmonicare Medical and US SCRC Successfully Hold Exchanges on Tube Assisted Reproduction

Author: Date:2017-06-13 13:31:51

      On Jun. 4, Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital under Harmonicare Medical joined hands with Deep Health Care to hold an exchanges on tube-assisted reproduction at the Report Hall of the Hospital. DR. MARK SURREY, cofounder of US SCRC Reproduction Center, DR. WENDY CHANG from US Harvard Medical School and Director Xu Yimin, member of China Healthy Birth Science Association and expert in healthy birth from Harmonicare Beijing were invited to answer questions for distinguished guests present at the exchanges and unveil the secret of tube-assisted reproduction. 


      As introduced, US SCRC is located at the heart of the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, US. As the leader of tube baby technology in the world, it has been honored as the top 10 birth center in US for consecutive years and has been designated as the training base for UCLA medical school reproductive medicine and gynaecology.

      The US SCRC South California Birth Center has successfully served the birth of over 10,000 new-borns and its ART assisted reproduction labs are provided with the most advanced technologies in the world and renowned as one of the best ART labs in US with the largest ART assisted reproduction lab on the west bank of US. 


Chen Wei, Vice President of Harmonicare Medical Group, is making an address

      Chen Wei, Vice President of Harmonicare Medical Group said, the company was first established to help domestic families with difficulties in reproduction and provide them with access to the most advanced medical technologies and resources in the world and is committed to building up a world top medical consultation service platform, breaking down the cross-border barriers for overseas treatment and facilitate the to-be-parents to have their dreams easily realized overseas.


Xu Yimin, member of China Healthy Birth Science Association and expert in healthy birth from Harmonicare Beijing elaborating on tube baby technologies on the stage

      Sound and healthy child bearing is a basic national policy in our country primarily to reduce the possibilities of birth defects. Since the implementation of two-child policy, the possibility of new-born with defects or deformity by elderly parturient women are on the rise. Director XU Yi pointed out the importance of pre-pregnancy physical examination and fact that many healthy parents would have the risk of bearing babies with genetic disease. He said, the third-generation tube-baby PGD and PGS could be used against virulence gene to help pregnant mothers with carrier of inheritance disease get rid of the trouble of family history of genetic disease.

      The reporter also notices the private diagnosis with experts at the venue. As learned from the sponsor, the arrangement is intended to help families valuing privacy to have a face-to-face consultation with experts and find the causes of their troubles so as to design personalized solution for their healthy reproduction.  

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      Deep Health Care is an international health service platform jointly established by Hong Kong listed group Harmonicare Medical and overseas medical care groups, in a bid to provide overseas transfer treatment for all  patients with infertility and integrate top medical care resources around the world. It is expected to break down the cross-border barrier between domestic custoemrs and high-quality medical resources abroad and provide a safe and carefree one-stop services as well as lifelong health management service for high-end families.