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Harmonicare and We Doctor Cooperate to Create One-stop Internet Platform for Women and Children

Author: Date:2017-05-15 11:45:10

On the afternoon of the 22nd day of February, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between Harmonicare and We Doctor-BBLINK was held in Beijing. The two parties, respectively as the largest women and children hospital chain in China and the operator of an internet platform for women and children throughout China, announced to construct online and offline closed-loop women and children ecology through cooperation, so as to provide one-stop healthcare service for users all over China, throughout the whole period from pregnancy and labor to feeding.


Site of Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation Between Harmonicare and We Doctor-BBLINK

On the basis of the planning in the strategic cooperation agreement, We Doctor-BBLINK will precisely obtain the portrayals of users depending upon the advantages of the internet platform for women and children and cooperate with the hospitals under Harmonicare. The two parties complement each other with their respective advantages and resources, jointly design and operate the service products around the whole period from pregnancy and labor to feeding, and provide users with a one-stop healthcare service scheme integrating both online and offline services.

It is learnt that Harmonicare, as the largest private women and children hospital chain in China, successfully listed in Hong Kong in July 2015, has become the first listed self-operated chain enterprise specialized in obstetrics & gynaecology in inland China and has opened and operated 12 hospitals in 8 first-tier and second-tier cities in succession, with the market share ranking first in the industry. The data reveals that Harmonicare Shenzhen Women & Children’s Hospital and Harmonicare Beijing Women & Children’s Hospital under Harmonicare has passed the international JCI certification successively and become high-end private obstetrics and gynecology hospitals with the international JCI certification qualification.

We Doctor-BBLINK, the largest healthcare service platform for women and babies in China, serving as the only internet women and children hospital licensed in China at present, has established Hos-WiFi network service cooperation with 1,500 women and children hospitals in 382 hospitals throughout China, involving the hospitals’ yearly total outpatient volume of 350 million persons.


LIN Yuming (Chairman of the Board of Harmonicare)

For this cooperation, according to LIN Yuming (Chairman of the Board of Harmonicare), the professional internet hospital operation ability of We Doctor-BBLINK provides the wings named internet for Harmonicare, which greatly expands and improves the boundary and the service capability of Harmonicare to serve more patients. The organic combination where the two parties complement each other with their own advantages will be bound to create more imaginary space, provide users with more convenient and substantial medical experience as well as actively push forward the business development and the customers increase rate of Harmonicare.

We Doctor-BBLINK is an attempt of We Doctor at in-depth vertical operation in place and the cooperation with Harmonicare is no other than the deepening of We Doctor-BBLINK’s strategy for a vertical women and children platform. According to LI Fan, Senior Vice President of We Doctor and General Manager of We Doctor-BBLINK, “The internet hospital for women and children is an open platform where the cooperation and the mutual complementation with specialized quality medical entities off line may break through the bottlenecks of the two parties in obtaining users and medical resources during their development, to quickly form offline and online expansion in a closed loop and a copying-type mode and build a brand-new women and children health ecosphere.”


Harmonicare Becomes a Strategic Member of We Doctor-BBLINK Internet Platform for Women and Children

With the nameplate “Strategic Member of We Doctor-BBLINK Internet Platform for Women and Children”, which was issued by We Doctor-BBLINK to Harmonicare at the signing ceremony, Harmonicare can share the resources of We Doctor-BBLINK in experts and teams. In future, the two parties will jointly invest in, operate and manage women and children’s hospitals to be newly established.

Additionally, the two parties will also carry out investment and integration around the upstream and the downstream of the women and children health industry chain and accelerate to perfect the layout in the industry. In the two aspects—the construction of an informatization platform and the telemedicine, the offline network resource of Harmonicare will not only provide a strong service support for online but also amortize the construction and operation cost of the platform and the network in a better well to reinforce the competition barrier. According to ZHAO Xingli, Vice President of Harmonicare, Harmonicare is positively promoting the information construction at present and it will continuously optimize and improve users’ experience and enhance the quality of medical services by virtue of the mobile internet platform. Reach the strategic cooperation with We Doctor will place a significant impelling action over the brand building of Harmonicare and simultaneously improve the overall ability of Harmonicare in obtaining users.