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Introducing Taikang, Harmonicare Has a Head Start in the Industrial Layout

Author: Date:2017-03-14 11:06:51

       On the night Nov. 16, 2016, Harmonicare Medical Holding Co., Ltd. (HK.1509) (“Harmonicare Medical”) announced that it would introduce Taikang Insurance Group (“Taikang Insurance”) as its strategic investor.


        It’s reported that this time Taikang Insurance was transferred the 200 million shares in total of 4 shareholders of Harmonicare Medical at the average price of 6.54 HKD per share, therein, they were 79 million shares of CDH (10.37%), 62 million shares of Honeycare (8.23%), 13 million shares of Harmony Care (1.77%) and 46 million shares of Mighty Sky (6.07%). As early financial investors, CDH and Mighty Sky quit from Harmonicare Medical after transferring their shares to Taikang Insurance, while Honeycare and Harmony Care will continue to hold 62 million shares (8.15%) of and 46 million shares (6.10%) of Harmonicare Medical respectively after the transfer.

        Taikang Insurance Group is committed to providing a full range of health and wealth management and services for the growing middle class population and families, and its three major business sectors include insurance, asset management and medical pension. In recent years, Taikang Insurance has made large investment in physical medical care: it invested in Nanjing Xianlin Drum Tower Hospital in 2015; the construction of Taikang Tongji International Hospital was commenced in 2016; and it invested in BGI, Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital, ParkwayHealth and other domestic and foreign medical enterprises through equity investment. In addition, Taikang Insurance has established good relationship with lots of well-known medical colleges and third-class one-grade hospitals, to underline the in-depth cooperation between insurance and medical institutions, so as to make insurance more convenient and more affordable and make people healthier, richer and live longer.

        As the first listed women and children’s hospital group, Harmonicare Medical specializes in medical investment, hospital management, medical brand operation and other fields, and is engaged to providing high-quality services of obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics for Chinese families. By now, Harmonicare Medical owns 11 hospitals in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other core cities as well as 1 medical instrument supply chain company. Harmonicare Medical has been adhering to the “customer-centric” service principal, complying with the internationally recognized Joint Commission International (JCI) standard, providing high-quality resource allocation from medical technology, clinical environment, facilities and equipment and service quality, to continuously improve medical service level.

        For the cooperation between Harmonicare Medical and Taikang Insurance, LIN Yuming, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Harmonicare Medical stated that: The reason why we introduce Taikang Insurance as our strategic investor is that the parties have lots of complementation. In the future, there will be large expectation space for us in investment & merger of hospital projects, in participating in reconstruction cooperation with public hospital, in training and cultivation of medical talents, in development and sales of insurance products related to women and children. Through building new high-end women and children hospital, investing in and merging high-quality hospital projects related to women and children, and expanding upstream and downstream industry chain and other measures, Harmonicare Medical will further enlarge our layout in women and children medical field, to accelerate our development and to maintain our leading position in the industry.