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[Good News] One Hospital under Harmonicare Medical Passed the International JCI Accreditation

Author: Date:2017-03-14 11:00:59

   Nov. 14-17, 2016, Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital under Harmonicare Medical, accepted the strict review from the experts of Joint Commission International (JCI) for international medical health organization and finally passed the JCI accreditation with the high score of 99.37, then, Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital has become the second Harmonicare hospital with JCI accreditation.


Group photo of experts of JCI and the team of Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital

   It’s reported that Joint Commission International (JCI) is a subsidiary body of Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), which is one global hospital quality accreditation organization with the highest authority recognized by World Health Organization. JCI is the globally recognized medical service standard, represents the highest hospital service and hospital management level in the world, and is the most respected hospital quality management standard in the world.


The surveyors from Joint Commission International (JCI)

   According to data, Harmonicare Medical entered into and signed the contract Partners Harvard Medical International (PHMI) with as early as 2011 and start its preparatory work for JCI accreditation. In October, 2011, Shenzhen Harmonicare Women and Children’s Hospital under Harmonicare Medical firstly passed the JCI appraisal and became the first JCI certification hospital in the Group, and it officially passed the recheck of JCI of the fifth version in 2014. This time, Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital passed the JCI accreditation smoothly, meaning Harmonicare Medical has one more JCI certification hospital, also this Hospital is the first women and children hospital in Beijing that passes JCI accreditation. This honor represents that the surveyors from Joint Commission International high recognize the professional, international, family-oriented, humanized and comfort services by Harmonicare.


LIN Yuming, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Harmonicare Medical

   According to LI Feng, Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Harmonicare Medical, as one high-end maternity hospital group that initiates international medical philosophy, Harmonicare Medical has been a leader in the industry since its inception: in 2010, Harmonicare Medical firstly introduced JCI standard in privately operated hospital in 2010, consistent with the the standard of the USA; in recent years, Harmonicare Medical keeps cooperation with Partners Harvard Medical International (PHMI); and in the future, more hospital under Harmonicare Medical will join in the JCI accreditation system. Harmonicare Medical will continuously introduce advanced international medical service philosophy to improve its medical service.

   New Stage - Beijing Harmonicare will provide better service for patients

   In the startup meeting for JCI accreditation in Mar. 2016, the management of Beijing Harmonicare states that, the reason why this Hospital actively applies for JCI accreditation is not only because JCI represents the international level for hospital service and hospital management, but also the Hospital intends to provide better service for patients and to make patients experience international-level high-quality medical service. What JCI surveyors will review and investigate is detail, building of system and execution of system, so that the Hospital must digest and absorb JCI philosophy by combining its own actual situation to formulated systems that comply with the actual situation of the Hospital, and only all employees of the Hospital realize such philosophy after understanding the spirit of realistic, rigorous, scientific, standard and precise of JCI. Finally, the Hospital executed them actually and the main beneficiary will be patients.

   Now, Beijing Harmonicare has passed the JCI accreditation, which means JCI’s recognition on the Hospital and its practice of “customer-oriented”, but also means higher requirement on the Hospital. CEO of the Hospital states that, although the Hospital has passed JCI accreditation, the strictest medical standard appraisal in the world, yet we will continuously improve our medical and service level, so that we can pass the long-term dynamic supervision and recheck of JCI in the future; meanwhile, we will improve service details and provide high-end medical service for more families to make more Chinese families to experience “international super medical service”.