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Harmonicare Medical Launches Mobile Payment to Build Intelligent Medical System

Author: Tencent Date:2015-12-09 09:42:07


    On December 1, Harmonicare Medical and WeChat entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, under which Harmonicare’s 11 hospitals would comprehensive launched mobile payment function, hospitals’ cash register system would fully connect with WeChat, so that users only need to turn on their mobile phone and scan the QR code to complete the payment, significant saving the time cost of seeking medical advice.

    In recent years, with the growing popularity of smart phones and tablet PCs, the development of wireless networks and mobile communications have promoted the flourishing mobile services. In the field of medical and health services, the mobilizing trend is in a critical period of rapid development. As set out in the Action Plan for Further Improvement of Medical Services issued by the Health and Family Planning Commission, to improve the masses’ experience of medical treatment is an inevitable demand for deepening the medical and health system reform. The development of mobile Internet medical services exactly fits the overall requirements of promoting the development of medical service experience. The initiative of Harmonicare Medical hospitals to launch mobile payment is designated to optimize medical service process and promote improvement of their own service quality, highlighting Harmonicare Medical’s service concept of “keeping customer-oriented in all respects”.

    It is reported that as early as the beginning of this year, Harmonicare Medical’s Beijing Harmonicare Women and Children Hospital and Chongqing Modern Women Hospital had already become the first to launch the mobile payment channel, so that users seeking medical advice at the hospitals only need to turn on their mobile phones and scan the QR code to complete the payment.” With the increasingly diversified payment methods today, cash payment and bank card payment have become increasingly insufficient to meet the needs of users, and the launch of mobile payment has undoubtedly provided users with a more convenient way to pay,” said the head of Harmonicare Medical.

    The reporter has learned that the launch of mobile payment is just one of the measures taken by Harmonicare Medical to build the “intelligent medical service”. As early as 2014, Harmonicare Medical had specified the long-term plan of building intelligent medical service. Currently, all Harmonicare’s hospitals have realized the medical data electronization and sharing, and the hospitals’ self-built CRM (customer management system) can achieve one-to-one customer information service, so that online registration, appointment and consultation have become standard configuration and customer can check the inspection report online through the hospital’s website. In this October, Harmonicare’s 6 hospitals, including Guangzhou Modern Women Hospital, Shenzhen Harmonicare Women and Children’s Hospital, Chongqing City Beauty Hospital and Fuzhou Modern Women Hospital, etc. built cooperative relationship with “Chunyu Doctor” to launch the “online + offline” whole process medical services, so that patients can consult with doctor through Chunyu Doctor APP. If the doctor recommends the user to seek doctor’s advice off line, the user can make an appointment online and then see a doctor in Harmonicare hospital. In the next step, the branches in Guiyang and Wuhan, etc. will also be included in the Chunyu Clinic cooperation program, allowing full realization of the seamless joint between online and offline services and the closed loop of whole process.

    According to the introduction, as the first medical institution launching mobile payment, Harmonicare Medical aims at continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and strives to provide users with convenient medical services. The cooperation with WeChat is one of Harmonicare’s measures to optimize and improve user experience with mobile Internet platform.” In the future, Harmonicare will also take more innovative actions in enhancing medical services,” said YANG Xushan Information Director of Harmonicare Group, “at present, Harmonicare Medical is building a group-based big data and cloud computing platform, so as to constantly enhance the medical service experience for customers by increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of medical services. With respect to the medical treatment, we will launch the waiting alert services, so that users do not need to wait in line, but their mobile phone can automatically receive the waiting information; as for consumption, the real-time tracking can be achieved. Each of user’s consumption can be acquired through the online Member Center or the personal WeChat number, which is more transparent and has greatly optimized the drawbacks of traditional medical model.”