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2014 “Happy Expectant Mom Badge” to Begin

Author: Date:2014-08-23 00:00:00

On the morning of Aug. 21, 2014, the 2014 design competition of “mom badge” started with the “Results of Chinese Women and Children’s Health Improving and Opening Ceremony for Health Classroom to Grassroots”


Gu Xiulian (middle), vice chairman of 10th NPC Standing Committee, Hong Tianhui (second on the right), chairman of China Research Society of Family Culture, Chang Yingming (second on the left), vice director and secretary of China Institute for the Promotion of Health, Han Xiangjing (first on the right), president of Women Magazine, and Lin Yuming (first on the left), chairman of Harmonicare Medical jointly launched the design competition.

It is said that this charity promotion activity was the main one to promote health of women and children in 2014. It aimed to improve sense of regarding these people in the whole society, and to help women in their early pregnancy and without obvious signs to obtain more convenience and attention in public places. 

According to Han Xiangjing, president of Women Magazine, the pregnant enjoys a high privilege abroad. For example, Subway trains set cars for the pregnant and issue to them special badges. They will receive attention and care when people see the badge. 

According to Lin Yuming, chairman of Harmonicare Medical, these days, buses and subway are terribly crowded in big cities. Even robust men have difficulty, let alone pregnant women, especially those in their early pregnancy and without obvious signs. It is hard for them to call people’s attention. As is known to all the early period is a key period and very unstable. Thus they require more care and regard to avoid danger. This activity aimed to call attention of the public to these women, in order to help them enjoy privilege on buses, in banks and shopping malls. As one of the sponsors, Harmonicare should cooperate with all relative health agencies to promote the work. 

The activity included design, selection, receiving and promoting. The badge design was the first part, and thus it was important to draw attention. The competition will also be officially released in early September on www.myjiankang.org, the official site for promotion for health of women and children inChina. Then some 20 media agencies will report. The selection consists of internet audition and expert voting. There is no threshold limit for contestants. It is open to public inChina. The prize work will come to mass production and be issued by promoting agencies free of charge. Women with badges will receive more help and enjoy benefit from cooperative agencies accordingly. At the same time, the sponsor will issue to the winner RMB 5,000 yuan.