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Harmonicare Management and Quality Control Reaches Class A

Author: Date:2015-04-08 14:44:46

Lately Health and Family Planning Commission of Shenzhen assessed Harmonicare’s overall management and quality, and gave an A to the hospital. It means the hospital was well recognized in the industry. Over 100 hospitals at the city took the examination. Yet there were only a few hospitals won an A such as Shenzhen People’s Hospital, the Second People’s Hospital of Shenzhen, Peking University  Shenzhen Hospital, Nanshan People’s Hospital, and Shenzhen Harmonicare Women & Children’s Hospital. 

The activity assessed in three aspects such as legally operating, comprehensive assessment and patient satisfaction. The patient satisfaction from a third party was a significant indicator. It covered core medical system, medical writing, outpatient management, treatment quality and satisfaction, hospital infection, clinic examination, medicine management and clinical use of antibiotics, medical equipment management, comprehensive support capabilities, etc. It can be said that this severe test aimed to secure patients’ safety. 

Medical quality improved for the sake of patients’ safety

It is well-known that medical quality and safety is at the core of JCI’s concept. In the medical quality system, management, doctors, technicians, nurses and even logistic staff’s joint work can consistently improve medical quality. In the assessment of Harmonicare at Shenzhen, technicians and nurses were assessed particularly, including operation, legally operating, etc. At the same time, standards for hospital infection, equipment and environment are severe. As an American style hospital, Harmonicare accords with international standards for quality and technology. In usage of medicine, it severely controls the usage of antibiotic. Now it is able to avoid antibiotic after 48 hours following the operation. The usage rate is lower than 20%. In service, a doctor serves a patient. Patients’ requirements are satisfied as much as possible. The green channel is opened to prevent patients from long waiting. In doctors’ qualification, most doctors at inpatient and outpatient wards are chief physicians and associate chief physicians. Most have experience of overseas study or practice. In preventing infection, all trash cans are equipped with sensor lids. Hand sanitizer can be seen here and there. The hospital also increases hand washing. Information management is enhanced for convenience and efficiency. 

Client satisfaction is Harmonicare’s motivation to develop

Quality improvement cannot go on without clients’ recognition. According to satisfaction rate, Harmonicare reaches clients expectation in every aspect such as medical quality, environment, service, serving initiative and communication. People usually complain a lot about Chinese hospitals. In short they regard hospital staff as irresponsible. But Harmonicare has introduced advanced international medical theory and center on patients’ safety. Especially in outpatient wards, the number of reception is no more than 20. Reception of each patient cannot be shorter than 30 minutes. In this way, clients can have more knowledge of their health. In usage of medicine, antibiotic is prevented as much as possible. Green treatment such as physical treatment is favored. In recreation area, a patient can enjoy service from every aspect. Harmonicare pays attention to clients’ demand. It provides efficient and convenient service. In the assessment medical round is also included. The obstetrics and pediatrics chief physician, and chief nurse will regularly visit the mothers after their birth to secure their safety.