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4 Harmonicare Branches Win “Chinese Excellent Private Hospitals”

Author: Date:2015-01-26 00:00:00


On Dec. 6 to 7, 2014, Xiamen held the 10th Private Hospitals Development Forum and National Excellent  Private Hospital election. It gathered medical management staff, experts and private hospital management staff from 200 agencies. 

It was attended by Yin Dakui, former vice minister of Medical Ministry, Yao Jianhong, vice chief of reform section of medical and family planning department, and Chen Wenjia, inspector of Fujian medical and family planning committee, and Ming Qiang, director of its reform office, and Hong Fengying, vice director of Xiamen medical and family planning committee, Zhu Dingliang, director of China Primary Health Care Foundation, and Li Renfeng, secretary of Alliance of Chinese Private Hospital Development. 


Harmonicare Beijing and Shenzhen Women & Children’s Hospitals, and Modern Women & Children’s Hospitals of Fuzhou and Chongqing stood out.

The forum praised 2014 National Excellent Private Hospitals. Four Harmonicare branches finally won the honor through 3 months’ fierce competition and layers of evaluation. It is said that the activity was supported by the National Health & Family Planning Commission, and organized by Health Newspaper and Alliance of Chinese Private Hospital Development. Experts of the field assessed in hospital scale, management, operation and social influence and selected 36 excellent ones from 312 private hospitals. The result was announced on Health Newspaper. 

The selection aimed to set examples to lead the whole industry 

The activity aimed to improve management, operation and development of private hospitals. It intended to set model private hospitals in medical technique, environment, service and charity and to lead the whole industry. Harmonicare hospitals have adhered to the client-centered principle, accorded with the internationally recognized JCI standards and management requirements of national health authorities. It has consistently improved its clinic and service quality in order to ensure patients’ safety. The victory of the four hospitals has fully showed the Group’s ability in management and operation.