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Harmonicare and CITIC Enter into Strategic Alliance

Author: Date:2014-04-16 00:00:00

On Apr. 10, Harmonicare Beijing and Shenzhen Women and Children’s Hospitals, China Citic Bank, and Shenzhen Jiuzhou Medical Capital Ltd. launched the project of Citic bank women medical service named “Citic along with you all the life” in Beijing and Shenzhen. 

Main content of the cooperation: female clients of the Citic bank will enjoy exclusive offers in medical service related to reproduction. Clients with gold cards or cards of higher rank will enjoy most discounts in hospitals. The service includes birth examination, birth and procedures after birth. A guide will accompany the client to go through all procedures and lead her to VIP service hall. Clients with black gold or diamond debit cards enjoy more discounts in child birth, such as physical examination, referral, experts diagnosis, telephone health consulting, etc. 

The cooperation proves that our high-grade medical development strategy is recognized, and shows great demand for maternity high-grade service. At the same time, it is cooperation with enterprises in other fields. Hopefully it will inspire Harmonicare hospitals to better operation and development modes.