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GMW: Some 1,000 Pregnant Doing Yoga, Breaks Guinness Record

Author:GMW Date:2014-12-18 00:00:00

Lead: on the afternoon of Nov. 1, 2014, 853 expectant mothers were doing yoga in 10 venues including Chongqing, Guangzhou, Guiyang and other 6 cities together, creating the new Guinness world record, the world largest-size expectant mothers yoga class (multiple venue). 

The 2014 the world largest-size expectant mother yoga class (multiple venues) Guinness World Record challenge was successfully held on Nov. 1, 2014. 853 expectant mothers from 10 different venues in different cities such as Chongqing, Guangzhou and Guiyang were doing yoga together, creating a new Guinness World Record. As introduced by Li Yu, representative of the challenge sponsor, the challenge is aimed to call on more expectant mothers to carry out pregnancy exercise through pregnancy yoga and help them improve their physical fitness for natural delivery. Guinness World Record official witnesses the creation of the record at the venue in Chongqing.


Blythe Fitzwiliam, a certification officer from British headquarters, Guinness World Records, issued the certificate to the sponsor 

Exercise in pregnancy is helpful to natural delivery 

It is introduced that the challenge is sponsored by Harmonicare Medical Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and organized by Chongqing Modern Women Hospital, Chongqing City Beauty Hospital, Guiyang Harmonicare Maternity Hospital, Guangzhou Modern Women Hospital and other 6 hospitals. Li Zhixiu, President of Chongqing Modern hospital said, natural delivery is conducive to postpartum recovery and could help promoting lactation. It is of great help to both fetus and the expectant mothers. However, many expectant mothers do not pay enough attention to exercise in pregnancy or do not have time for exercise because of busy work so that they do not have enough exercise and would encounter a lot of problems such as overweight, gestational diabetes, poor constitution, illness and failure to natural delivery. The challenge is intended to motivate more expectant mothers to take moderate exercise through pregnancy yoga so as to improve your constitution for natural delivery. 


Expectant mothers in Chongqing are warming up under the guidance of yoga teacher 

Pregnancy Yoga is of great help 

Li Jianhui, the Teaching Director with FORKISS Expectant Mother Club is invited as the principal teacher of the challenge. As reported, she has acted as the adviser of the challenge twice and she feel great honored to have the chance to publicize the help of pregnancy yoga to more expectant mothers she says, yoga excise during pregnancy could not only strengthen the toughness, flexibility and endurance of muscle, build up good shapes and help them with natural delivery but could also effectively improve blood circulation, alleviate hydropexis and strengthen the toughness of pelvic muscle. The exercise could also help to relieve pains in lower back in later period of the pregnancy. Besides, the pregnancy yoga could help expectant mothers better control their blood pressure and reduce the risk of preeclampsia. 


Principal Teacher Li Jianhui introducing the advantages of pregnancy yoga to expectant mothers

Right Time for Remote Teaching 

Remote teaching is one of the highlights of the challenge. The yoga teacher gives the instructions in the main venue while trainees in sub-venues could learn through remote live video on internet. Li Yu, the representative of the sponsor tells us that expectant mothers are expecting more on pregnancy health guidance but the most excellent obstetrician and pregnancy and birth experts are in Beijing and other first-tier city it is difficult for expectant mothers in second-, third-, fourth-tier cities and rural areas to receive the best guidance, which is a common problem in the medical service system in our country. Li says now expectant mothers are generally in the 1980s and they are more familiar with internet. It will of great significance to carry out remote teaching and enable more expectant mothers in non-first-tier cities and rural areas to share the best doctor resources. Li tells the journalists, “it is our first attempt to hold pregnancy yoga classes simultaneously in different venues through remote teaching to share authoritative pregnancy health guidance for expectant mothers from across the country. In the near future, we will launch more remote teaching courses and invite the best obstetrics and pediatrics professors to give lectures and help more expectant mothers through the pregnancy period safely and healthily under the best guidance so as to achieve our ideal for public interest of “maternal and infant health for the happiness of every household.”


      Expectant Mothers in Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Fuling and other sub-venues attending yoga class through remote live video

Challenge successful, response enthusiastic 

When the certification official announced the success of the challenge, all participants were cheering on the spot. Many expectant mothers said the experience was precious to them. They not only created the Guinness World Record but also treasured up an unforgettable experience in their pregnancy. One of the family members of the expectant mothers who has witnessed the creation of the record told the journalist with great excitement, “it is the first time for me to see such a splendid challenge. It is unimaginable that I have witnessed the creation a Guinness world record in person. The honor is the best gift for my baby. The excitement is difficult to share with other fathers-to-be.” The expectant mother Ms. Zhao who came to the class from afar said, “I have ever seen creation of Guinness world record on TV and think it far from our real life. It is unexpected that I could challenge the record by myself. The honor is created by so many people together and worthy of being treasured throughout our life.”