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Harmonicare Passes JCI Review, Management Reaches New Heights

Author: Date:2014-12-18 00:00:00

Lately, Shenzhen Harmonicare Women and Children’s Hospital under Harmonicare Medical Management Consulting Co., Ltd. received and passed JCI review with a high score.

JCI is subordinate to (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). It serves to certify medical institutions out of theUS. It is a notable medical service standard recognized in the world. It stands for the highest level of medical service and management. JCI consists of international experts in the fields of medicine, nursing, administration and public policies. So far it has guided and evaluated public and private medical services and government sections from more than 40 countries. 78 medical institutions from 13 countries have passed its certification. 

It is learned that Shenzhen Harmonicare passed its 4th version of certification in 2011. According to JCI standard, it has centered on patients to optimize policies, system and procedures in order to improve medical quality. JCI started its 5th version on Apr. 1, 2014. Harmonicare strictly monitored every service indicator of this version, and at last it passed the review in a few months with a compliance rate as high as 99%. 


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Harmonicare Medical Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is the biggest chain medical institution for women and children inChina, according to Dong Xiaoling, executive of medical management section of the company. It has 25 hospitals for women. The company has always been dedicated to providing women and children with quality medical service. It is the leader of high-grade medical industry inChina. Its brand “Harmonicare” is the most influential one in the filed. Its chain hospitals cover Beijing, Shenzhen and Guiyang, etc. They have become the first choice of the pregnant. 

Dong says Harmonicare has always conducted medical management and service according to requirements of medical authorities. It has first adopted in the field international standards, namely, JCI standards, so as to improve medical quality and procedures, and detail management. Since 2008, it has already made 6 successive versions of medical management inspection standards. According to the standards, all pregnant women shall be in the treatment dynamically evaluated, which can effectively track, detect and prevent clinic risks, so as to protect mothers and babies. 

At present, the Shenzhen branch passed the review. Also Beijing and Guiyang branches are preparing for the certification.